Wednesday, August 5, 2020


An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz; 2014; $27.95; 296 pages; Beacon Press, Boston, MA; 978-0-80700040-3; purchased from the Multnomah County Library's Title Wave Used Bookstore; 7/2/2020-7/10/2020

In boiling down the history of the United States of America's history to just a few words they would be, genocide, lies and failure.  The settlers of the new world and the government of the United States used genocide as a start to "settle" the country.  Then the government  lied to the Indigenous People, over and over again.  The government  have failed to live up to any treaty ever signed.  When physical genocide didn't work they turned to psychological genocide and tried to turn then into white people.  Even today the government does not treat the indigenous people well.


Tuesday, July 7, 2020

It's all an illusion

A Reasonable Doubt, A Robin Lockwood Novel
by Phillip Margolin; 2020; $27.99; 292 pages; Minotaur Books, New York, NY; 978-1-250-11754-0; checked out from Multnomah County Library, St. Johns; 6/30/2020-7/1/2020

Just a quibble, Phillip Margolin, the morgue isn't in that building any more.  It's a dermatology clinic now.  
I was introduced to Robin Lockwood in The Perfect Alibi she is still bad ass, but now we know even more about her.  A magician performs an illusion at the Oregon Coast and disappears for several years.  There is plenty of riveting backstory before we get there.  When he reappears he hires Robin Lockwood and invites him to a return performance and his illusion goes deathly wrong.  Robin then has to figure out how the illusion was done and why it went wrong.


Not de facto, but de jure

The Color of Law, A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein; 2017; $17.95; 342 pages; Liveright Publishing Company, New York, NY; 978-1-63149-453-6; purchased from;6/23/2020-6/30/2020

I knew about the government encouraging redlining, what I didn't know was not government agencies were acting unconstitutionally.  The FHA and other agencies involved in housing went against the constitution in refusing mortgage insurance to developers who wanted to build integrated housing developments.  The VA did the same thing in refusing to allow Black veterans to buy home in white or integrated neighborhoods.   This  is a thoroughly researched look at how the United States government was complicit in keeping Blacks and whites segregated in residential settings, which made sure that schools were segregated also.  The government acting against the best interest of its' own citizens.  Excuse me, but what a f**kin' suprise.  Note the use of the sarcasm font.  


Between the Joists

Lost Hills
by Lee Goldberg; 2019; $24.95; 226 pages; Thomas & Mercer, Seattle, WA; 978-1542093804; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Central; 6/22/2020-6/23/2020

A policewoman takes down a well known male action star in a video that goes viral and all of sudden she is the face of the department and a newly minted detective. One of her first cases involves a home with large amounts of blood in all the rooms but no corpses.  With time running out due to inter-agency squabbles, over eager supervisors and a fast moving wildfire she must solve the case and save a life.


Monday, July 6, 2020

See your aura, and raise you one

The Vanishing
by Jayne Ann Krentz; 2020; $27.00;294 pages; Berkley, New York; 978-1-9848-0643-7; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Central;6/19/2020-6/22/2020

Many years ago in Fogg Lake, Washington a mysterious gas was released causing the residents to hallucinate.  The residents told everyone that is from food poisoning so that they didn't become lab rats. Actually many people who were involved acquired some sort of physic ability. Two women, who were teenagers when the incident happened, use their abilities to investigate people.  One day one suddenly disappears and her friend is forced to find her with the help of a shadowy operative from THE FOUNDATION.  It was just okay.


Sunday, July 5, 2020

Now for something completely different

Wish You Well by David Baldacci; 2000; $16.00; 418 pages; Grand Central Publishing, New York, NY; 978-0-446-69948-8; checked out from the Multnomah County Library, Northwest; 6/13/2020-6/18/2020

In 2000 David Baldacci took a break from all his thrillers to write a coming of age story.  Set in the mountains of Virginia in the 1940's.  It is a moving story that reinforces my belief that Baldacci is one of the foremost storytellers of our time.  A wonderful cast of well rounded characters makes for an engrossing story. 

A series of unfortunate events for Adults

Without Sanction
by Don Bentley; 2020;$27.00; 373 pages; Berkley, New York, NY; 978-1-9848-0511-9; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Hollywood; 6/9/2020-6/12/2020

Matt Drake is a former operative for some alphabet agency who has retired.  He is then recalled to retrieve an asset from a war zone, who will only deal with him. Their are other operators from other alphabet agencies who have a grudge against Matt because he showed how incompetent they were.  As he moves in to rendezvous with the asset he runs, literally at times, into obstacles of all types.  He manages to overcome them to complete the mission.  It is an engrossing thriller and I look forward to reading more from Don Bentley.